Web Content OR Web Design: Which Is More Important?

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Your web content and the design of your website are the foundation of a strong online marketing campaign. Choosing which component comes first depends on the goals for your website, but both play an important role in its development.

However, both aim to improve user experience and make the best first impression.

The two factors are undoubtedly important, but how do you prioritize them? To answer that, we will explore both the “design-first” and “content-first” approaches to creating a website.

Web Content-First Approach

When creating new websites, some designers focus on the site’s appearance, including its theme, color scheme, and layout, before adding text, photos, videos, and other content. The problem with this approach is that it ignores what people visit websites for – website content.

Knowing the content (or at least its length) of a website should be the first priority of many web designers. After all, without quality content, even the most beautifully designed website is useless.

The following are some of the reasons why a content-first approach is preferable:

  • Content aids in high conversion rates

Your website’s aesthetics and visual design influence visitors’ first impression of your website. Still, it is the content of your website that determines whether they convert or return again to view it. Simply put, web design is alive because of content.

  • Content promotes your company

A website serves as the company’s window to the online world, so it should provide visitors with relevant details about the company, its products, and promotions.

Visitors should be informed about the benefits of your company’s services or products through your website content. The content should also support and align with the mission of your organization. For your content to be relevant, you need to regularly update it and offer up-to-date solutions that will allow visitors to view your company as an industry leader.

Let the content determine the design direction. You should have a video-friendly template built into your website if your promotion involves more videos than written words. If you plan to use text, you should do the same. In a content-first strategy, copywriters send written content to web designers, who prepare the layout for that content. With content provided first, web designers would find it easier to create a design that suits the content’s tone.

Design-First Approach

Without a distinctive design, a website wouldn’t stand out. Design-first approaches are feasible alternatives to content-first processes. Let’s look at how:

  • Design paves the way for constraint writing

Content can influence design. The writer should be flexible to fit the website content within the design constraints. That’s because design layouts serve as a guide for copywriters to determine the number of headings and amount of content needed for a website.

  • Design improves user experience

Layouts or attractive designs can encourage your visitors to stick around your site. Visual elements greatly improve user experience. Visitors can easily identify what is visible on your website with them.

The design of your website will also give your visitors a good first impression before they read any of your content. Once you have their attention, it is easy for them to keep scrolling. Your brand stands out when you present your services and products with confidence.

Is One Better Than the Other?

The design and content of a website are vital to its success. Copywriters and designers should communicate with each other and collaborate, where a copywriter provides content to a designer. The designer creates a template of what the design should look like.

Content and design, therefore, must go hand-in-hand. By aligning these two factors, it is possible to increase website traffic and conversion rates.

With a Web design and website content that is done correctly, your business can build a solid foundation for its online marketing strategy. We at PLYXIO Digital marketing agency know how to make your business’s vision and brand a reality. Contact us today for more information about these two website factors and their roles.

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