Should You Rebuild Your Website for Better SEO?

Rebuild Your Website

An SEO campaign-ready website is a key to achieving a high ROI (return on investment). Your SEO campaign may not start working right away if your website does not meet SEO standards. For a reasonable return on your SEO investment, your website needs a refresh if it hasn’t been updated in a while, or it may even need to be rebuilt from scratch entirely. Check out the situations in which you might need to rebuild your website for SEO.

Outdated web technology

In the case of an outdated website, you may be able to make it more visually appealing, but from a practical standpoint, it won’t be doing your Google rankings any good. Another problem is static HTML. If your site is built on this outdated technology, you will be unable to use modern plugins and other up-to-date, incredibly powerful content management features that can help your site rank higher in search engines.


It’s also necessary to rebuild your website if it wasn’t designed as responsive, in other words, if it isn’t compatible with mobile devices. Mobile browsing has taken the place of desktop browsing as the device most often used by internet users. In addition, Google’s mobile-first policy for indexing websites means your site will be dropped at the first hurdle if it cannot adapt to the screen size it’s being viewed on.

No edit access

To maintain your site’s ranking in Google, you will need easy access to a content management system like WordPress to add regularly fresh content. Adding new content and updating your site are crucial aspects of any SEO campaign. However, it’s time to rebuild your website if you can’t access your website to make edits and add content yourself and must pay a third party to do so. 

Limited SEO functions

When a new business is just getting started and has limited funds to spend on website design, it is often decided to opt for a DIY platform, such as Wix. It is fine when all the ambition is to get the business online quickly. Eventually, though, when it comes time to build your business or start selling online via eCommerce and discover that the website limits what you can do, you will start looking for greater flexibility.

These are just some of the unexpected limitations that Wix website owners might encounter:

  • The site cannot be exported to another platform – therefore, it needs to be scrapped and rebuilt on a new platform.
  • Search engines will not index Wix websites because they find it very difficult to crawl them, which is bad for SEO
  • Technical customization limited – if you engage an SEO agency to run a comprehensive campaign on your behalf, they will run into a brick wall because little can be done beyond the basics in terms of technical SEO on a Wix site.

The SEO functionality of this platform is still lagging behind that of other platforms such as WordPress, despite its recent upgrades., so sooner or later, consider rebuilding your website if it lacks in SEO functions.

Website redesign or full rebuild?

Website redesigns alone are fine as long as the background workings of the site are in good working order, you have control over editing it, and the original technology is still current. However, if this isn’t the case, then a complete rebuild of the site may be necessary.

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