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Whether you need videos for marketing, advertising, corporate communications, or social media, we at PLYXIO Video Production Agency can create and edit videos ― that engage audiences and solve business challenges!

Video Editing & video production services

About Us

We Develop Video Content That Helps You Grow Your Business!

Videos are a vital part of your brand’s identity and a vital marketing tool for your business. So, to connect with your audience in today’s video-centric world, you need to create a compelling video piece that woos your audience. In light of that, PLYXIO works with you from concept to completion to brainstorming ideas, shot listing, and planning to deliver videos that will―appeal to your target audience. 

Whether you want to increase sales through paid advertising or build your brand organically via thought leadership, we provide both the content and strategy to create lead-generating video content. Depending on the outcome, videos can be tailored for a particular audience on a certain channel or with integrated cross-platform storytelling. Utilizing our full-service agency capabilities, including data analytics, SEO, and PR, we glean relevant information about your business to create video content that helps you grow your business!

Our Approach

We Create Video Content That Stirs Emotion!

A compelling video story can appeal to the emotions and experiences you want your brand to be associated with and is a perfect complement to digital marketing. Based on your brand’s persona, buyer’s needs, interests, and pain points, we build a video content curriculum that leads to maximum traction.

We produce video content that triggers emotion and triggers a response in order to boost sales, generate awareness, drive traffic, and improve search engine rankings. For maximum engagement, we use social media channels, calls-to-action, and other platforms to market your videos. We combine industry know-how, data, and creativity to generate business-impacting results at an accelerated pace!

How We work

We Help You Attract Followers With Brand-Consistent Videos!

At PLYXIO video production agency, our team of video storytellers and editors produces optimized, branded videos that can be shared on various social media platforms so your business can reach your target audience. To bring your stories to life, we create meaningful and insightful content. We build a community of followers and use strong calls to action that lead directly to purchases.

With our brand-consistent video production services, we can generate interest, improve your brand’s credibility, and increase repeat customers. Our team works closely with you to determine the best platform for your vision while keeping your budget in mind. For maximum brand awareness, we craft strategies that drive viral potential and engage existing and potential customers on an emotional level.

Our Values and Beliefs

We understand what works

We study your brand and its target audience and then create video content to guide, educate, and influence them throughout their purchasing journey.

We target the right audience

Using audience behavior, demographics, interests, and pain points, our Video Production Agency helps you market your brand videos to the right audience.

We work within your budget

PLYXIO Video Production Agency strives to create videos that engage customers while staying within your budget. We offer professional video editing services and video production services worldwide at competitive rates.

We incorporate CTAs

By creating customized calls-to-action for your brand’s products and services, we grab customers’ attention.

Our Capabilities

Video Editing & video production services

Video editing

PLYXIO takes raw footage from your production and transforms it into engaging videos that engage your target audience. We make the post-production of video edits easy and effective! From graphics to color grading, we offer many choices for enhancing your video editing experience.

Video Ads

Video advertising campaigns aim to keep viewers engaged. We offer unique, trackable, and interactive online video advertising services that help businesses reach consumers and drive business.

Product Videos

Good product videos build anticipation, increase consumer interest, and increase ROI. Using engaging narratives and relatable content, we showcase your product’s unique qualities.

Animated Videos

Through animation, you can bring your ideas to life. With our quality presentations and explainers, we bring all the attention to your videos and strengthen your brand’s message.


Well-crafted online webinars can maximize your business objectives. Through our effective, informative, and insightful webinar videos, we help you grow your brand and achieve measurable results.

Why Choose PLYXIO?

With our background in marketing, we can create corporate videos that look not only great but also authentically reflect your brand and clearly communicate your message. We have state-of-the-art editing suites to ensure our editors support your project with the best technology and ensure the delivery of your videos on time. So far, we have created thousands of videos for hundreds of businesses. With PLYXIO, you can rest assured you are in the hands of experienced, capable, and creative people!

Yes. In addition to corporate videos, we provide full-service solutions for promotional videos, marketing videos, and motion graphics. Whatever your production needs are, from quick clips for social media channels to broadcast commercials to engaging segments for your channels, we have the experience to make it happen.

Whether we are working on animated or live-action videos, we always prefer to be involved from start to finish. We work with you from the very beginning to the end―brainstorming ideas with you, identifying shots, planning production, video production, editing, and delivery. We can provide you with a quote for a single video, a series of videos, or an ongoing video strategy.

The average viewer today has a short attention span. In that regard, we strive to make our videos as short as possible – 30 to 120 seconds – while also conveying all the necessary information.

This varies. Creating great, target-hitting videos takes time, and we don’t believe in sacrificing quality for efficiency. You can expect a production time of four to eight weeks, which includes the time it takes for your input, feedback, and revisions. Since each project and client is unique, each production takes a different amount of time.

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