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Packaging design is critical to your brand’s identity as well as how your customers perceive your brand. If you want to make a lasting impression in a crowded marketplace with professionally designed packaging–PLYXIO Packaging Design Agency can help!

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About Us

We design packaging to highlight your brand!

It’s a saying that one shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but sometimes what’s on the outside can give an indication of what’s inside. Your brand packaging design says a lot about your brand. So, whenever a consumer interacts with your product, the experience should be memorable. At PLYXIO, keeping that in mind, we lead your brand through every stage of the user experience with strategy, design, and art―that leaves long-lasting impressions!

We are an established packaging design company with experience in a wide range of categories and sectors, including food packaging, drink packaging, pharmaceuticals, personal care, cleaning, and home care. 

No matter if it is an existing brand, a new logo design, or a simple product packaging or label design, you can count on us! We create brochures and flyers, catalogs and advertisements, signage and posters, corporate stationery, and more. We provide on-brand creative solutions to help you create beautiful collateral and marketing materials!

Our Approach

Packaging design that speaks for itself

We at PLYXIO Packaging Design Agency know how important packaging is to customers in their decision-making process. Using our exhaustive research tactics and state-of-the-art creative team, we design packaging that captivates viewers and sells products.

For each of our clients, we analyze market trends, brand history, and consumer behavior to figure out the best solution. By showcasing your brand in a visually compelling way, we inspire audiences, boost your reputation, and explain who you are and why the world should pay attention to you. 

We use color theory to draw attention to your brand’s message, personality, energy, and intended audience with vibrant gradients, custom colors, combinations, or a dramatic monochrome theme.

How We work

We create designs that enhance your product!

By utilizing our data capabilities, we understand the audience, the market, and the trends of the product. We collect qualitative and quantitative data about the product and similar products to create a unique and effective marketing approach that drives sales. 

Using the data, we then brainstorm ideas about the design and create it while putting each element in its right place. Our designers have crafted packaging designs for a variety of products over the years. Whether it be hand-drawn illustrations or composites, the PLYXIO team is a master of the art.

Using clever messages that articulate brand values and encourage action, we drive preference with unique and thought-provoking designs. By using eye-catching typography, we promote and enhance graphic elements. The packaging we design is more than just design–we give it the personality it needs to showcase your brand! 

Our Values and Beliefs

We create impact

In addition to your product’s logo, the packaging will give you the opportunity to communicate your brand’s essence in a highly tangible way. We create designs that leave an impact.

We lead with touch!

By sharing your brand’s essence in packaging consumers want to hold, we offer sensory experiences rich in texture, playful shapes, and soft curves.

We draw consumers in

Imaginative packaging triggers action. We help you create meaningful experiences that engage customers.

We advance your brand!

We create packaging designs using earned insights, bold creativity, and ownable strategies. Our goal is to push your brand further.

Our Real Estate Marketing Capabilities

Market Research Testing

Our surveys and focus groups go beyond the point of sale to uncover the practical and emotional expectations of a buyer and evaluate packaging changes.

Sustainable Packaging

We have extensive experience creating designs that are stylish without using plastics or harmful chemicals. We make designs that are environmentally friendly, from sustainable fibers to compostable ingredients.

Package Design and Messaging

Attractive packaging appeals to consumers. By employing thought-provoking designs and using pitchy messaging that demonstrates values and inspires action, we drive preference.

Hand Drawn Illustration

The illustrations we create are completely hand-drawn and custom-made for unrivaled authenticity that will showcase product branding or suggestions for how to use the product.

Why Choose PLYXIO?

By using the best practices and the latest design tools and techniques, PLYXIO comes up with innovative solutions to complex design problems. Whether your product sells out quickly or arrives via mail, we know how to translate your brand’s visual identity into engaging, tactile results through eye-catching package design. Bringing brands and customers together is what we do best!

Absolutely. You can rely on us to provide the customer insight you need to ensure your product is focused and puts you ahead of your competition.

At PLYXIO, we work with clients on a local, national, and international level. With our ability to work remotely, we utilize a variety of platforms to deliver high-quality projects without the need for multiple face-to-face meetings―although meeting in person during the project is still welcome if possible.

A typical packaging design project usually takes around a week, but this can vary depending on the size of the project, the complexity of deliverables, response times for feedback, and the number of decision-makers involved. 

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