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Are you having trouble attracting high-quality customers to your app? As a leading marketing and advertising agency with expertise in mobile marketing, PLYXIO understands the value of being mobile-forward. By leveraging paid ads, automated messaging, and user data, we can help you grow your app’s user base. 

mobile marketing services

About Us

We Help You Improve Your Mobile Experience

Focusing on mobile marketing isn’t just a trend. It is the present and future of digital communication. Our advertising and marketing agency specializes in mobile advertising and marketing and knows the importance of being mobile forward.

You can harness the power of digital marketing with our data-driven insights, in-house content studio, and the team of digital advertising strategists. We provide content, digital, advertising, and customer data solutions to reach your target customers where they’re most likely to engage! 

Our Approach

We Customize Campaigns According to Your Brand’s Needs

Developing a mobile marketing strategy for your target audience requires a multi-channel approach. Using websites, emails, SMS, MMS, social media, and apps, our mobile app marketing team reaches potential customers on their smartphones, tablets, or other mobile devices.

In terms of driving demand and brand value for your products and services, mobile marketing can be very helpful. The strategy we devise generates awareness and leads to an increase in conversions for mobile marketing. We tailor our mobile app marketing services based on your audience’s preferences, pain points, and interests, as well as gathering engagement data to increase engagement and ROI.

How We work

We Maximize ROI and Engagement

With mobile marketing, you can reach your target audience right where they are in real-time. At PLYXIO mobile app marketing agency, we create mobile buyer personas, set goals, and test and optimize campaigns. Our team provides mobile-friendly content and facilitates the click-through process for potential customers.

With mobile search engine optimization and clear calls to action, our Mobile Marketing Agency creates mobile-friendly landing pages. Utilizing data, PLYXIO derives insights into consumer behavior, interests, and likes and builds strategies that drive action. The mobile data we gather helps us track conversions, traffic quality and quantity, page views, and bounce rates.

Our Values and Beliefs

We build relationships based on data

Using analytics, we help you reach and then develop closer relationships with your customers, delivering value at the right time.

We are efficient and cost-effective

The platforms we utilize charge only if a mobile ad impression leads to a visit to a store. You can thus be certain your investment will pay off. 

We create videos to suit your business

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We take your brand everywhere

With a multitude of digital channels, we’ll make your brand seamless in customers’ lives and digital behaviors. This type of engagement is more sought after by users, and the data is more authentic and reliable.

Our Mobile Marketing Capabilities

mobile marketing services

Media Planning and Negotiation

With our Mobile Marketing Agency, you can be assured of affordable and transparent marketing results. We strive to get you incredible value for your media budget.

App Reputation Management

Our branding team monitors customer reviews and feedback and initiates word-of-mouth marketing so as to keep a look out for your app’s reputation in the app stores.

App Install Campaign

From managing long-term app campaigns to running ads directly on the play store, we do it all! With a focus on your App category, we come up with ideas to increase traffic and installs.

Cross-Device Digital Advertising

Over 70% of people use 3 or more devices at the same time. To enable you to spend and target more intelligently, we track behavior across devices.

Programmatic Targeting

At PLYXIO Mobile Marketing Agency, we help clients go beyond media placement-oriented campaigns by focusing on the behaviors of particular groups of people instead of specific media properties.

Why Choose PLYXIO?

PLYXIO stays on top of trends and technology in order to target the right audience using analytical reports, data, and software. Our mobile marketing strategies are cohesive and effective, and each campaign is tailored to build traction and incite action. Moreover, we have knowledge and experience in handling large consumer-centric marketing campaigns. By using our Mobile Marketing services, you will stand out among competitors and attract your target audience to you!

Since every app is unique, every marketing campaign works differently. But basic is that in all campaigns, marketers analyze the user experience to provide relevant marketing content to the user.

Using the right mix of paid media channels like Google, Facebook, Apple Search, and various programmatic media buying channels at PLYXIO, we attract and engage quality users towards your app while reducing cost per acquisition (CPA).

The success timeline for your project depends on its scope. Synthesizing your core requirements is our speciality. We will ask you key questions. After we draft a proposal, our team will present the plan and begin immediately after receiving your feedback. Mostly in a few weeks, you will start seeing the results.

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