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PLYXIO Influencer Marketing Agency provides brands with influencer marketing services through a network of micro, macro, mega, and celebrity influencers. For every brand, we know exactly where to find the right influencer! It doesn’t matter if it means finding influencers in niche segments or finding long-term ambassadors – we connect you with influencers who bring attention to your brand and get people talking about it!

Influencer Marketing Agency

About Us

We Curate Scalable Influencer Campaigns Powered by Data + Emotion!

In the digital marketing era, influencers on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Tik Tok, and Twitter have replaced traditional celebrities in advertising. Millions of shoppers and consumers across the globe trust the advice of social media influencers. Their followers trust and welcome their opinions and recommendations since they are recognized as experts or role models in their community.

As a leading influencer marketing agency, PLYXIO understands how important it is for businesses to utilize the influencer marketing concept to market their products and services. To ensure maximum growth and revenue, we connect brands with the top influencers in their industry or niche. To better reach your target audience, we help you choose from thousands of Pakistani and international influencers that are perfect for your brand!

Using data and emotional insights, we create scalable influencer campaigns. We combine strategy, creativity, and audience segmentation to produce stories that move the needle. From influencer sourcing, designing marketing campaigns on social media, and implementing customized marketing strategies and analytics reporting, we ensure that our clients achieve their business goals and stay ahead of the competition!

Our Approach

A Human-Driven Marketing Campaign With Multi-Tiered Influencers

Influencers cannot be generalized. In every situation (from a cost and influence perspective), leveraging ten 1,000 follower profiles is more effective than leveraging a single 10,000 follower profile. Why? Because you can reach a more targeted audience by spreading your brand across multiple influencers, who are more engaged and likely to purchase.

Our experts will personalize your influencer marketing Pakistan strategy based on your business needs. You can rely on us for influencer identification, designing social media marketing campaigns, or organizing a large-scale brand ambassador program that provides the best return on investment!

With our multi-tiered approach to influencers and our data team, we gather personalized market research that powers our creatives. We work with our in-house designers, copywriters, and campaign strategists to develop eye-catching assets with an emotion-driven narrative that can be spread across our global influencer network. 

How We work

Getting the Most Out of Every Marketing Dollar

No matter how large or complex your marketing needs are, we recognize your objectives and pain points with best-in-class services. The data we track focuses on historical campaign performance instead of vanity metrics that do not yield business results. These include clicks, app downloads, in-store visits, and conversion rates.

Using sophisticated cost-benefit analysis, we identify influencer opportunities other agencies cannot find – influencers with celebrity status, macro-influencers, micro-influencers, and nano-influencers.

We also work closely with your legal or compliance department – or just your founding team if you are a small company – so you can define campaign guardrails, eliminate risks, avoid brand misalignment, and avoid competitive brand conflicts.

Our Values and Beliefs

We run successful campaigns

PLYXIO has planned and executed hundreds of successful influencer marketing campaigns in a variety of different niches. With this experience, we can deliver high-performance campaigns that can make your business an industry leader.

We serve clients of all sizes

We work with influencers from all walks of life and serve clients of all sizes, either big or small. Not only can small influencers reach your targeted audience better than a single large influencer, but they can also do so at a fraction of the cost, ensuring a more loyal and engaged fan base.

We are data-driven

To help you grow sales and cut marketing costs, we developed our own influencer CRM, which allows us to measure how influencers influence other players in the space quickly.

We are shaping the future

One influencer can do a lot of things that typical marketers cannot, and with our influencer marketing services, we can provide content that can rival hands-on time with your product.

Our Capabilities

influencer marketing

Nano Influencer Campaigns

While there are various types of influencers in Pakistan, a team of cost-effective nano influencers can outperform their more expensive counterparts when strategically combined. In our role as a nano influencer marketing Pakistan agency, we find and work with influencers with the most targeted and engaged communities to generate a higher return on investment.

Micro-Influencer Campaigns

The number of micro-influencers is deceptive. Although they may have a small following, you can rest assured that their engagement rate is as good or better than those of more expensive influencers. At PLYXIO, we know the value of reaching the right audiences through well-curated micro-influencers campaigns.

YouTube Influencer Campaigns

The best YouTube influencers create engaging videos that build engaged followings through their relevant and interesting content. We partner with YouTube Influencers to raise your brand awareness and credibility through product demonstrations, interviews with thought leaders, and takeovers of YouTube channels.

Why Choose PLYXIO?

At PLYXIO, our sole focus is growth. Using data and creative campaign blueprints, we create Influencer Marketing campaigns that ignite emotional engagement, social sharing, and time-sensitive action. The result is – we generate a significantly higher audience reach and conversion rate than other marketing channels!

The most challenging part of an influencer marketing Pakistan campaign is finding the right influencer(s). In Pakistan alone, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of potential brand ambassadors and influencers. At PLYXIO, we understand this and consider several factors when selecting influencers for our clients. Influencers that we select will reflect the quintessential personas of your target market.

We have quick turnarounds. At PLYXIO, we ensure we hit milestones in a timely manner by setting reasonable deadlines. We monitor and report performance so you can see how we are doing. With each campaign we run, we ensure it is delivered on time, within budget, and hassle-free.

In recent years, influencer marketing has proven to be highly effective and can be used by businesses of all sizes, as well as by new and inexperienced entrepreneurs with limited budgets. However, influencer marketing campaigns are costed largely based on the quantity, quality, and reach of the influencers used. A campaign will be more expensive the more followers the influencer has. For a detailed estimate of the cost of a marketing campaign, contact our team.

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