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PLYXIO is a leading crowdfunding marketing platform that brings together creative projects, emerging brands, and inspiring causes. To increase investments and raise awareness of your products, we will work together with you to design a plan to support your crowdfunding campaign. 

Crowdfunding Marketing

About Us

We Boost Your Profile So That You Can Raise Funds

At PLYXIO, we offer specialized, accelerated digital marketing and crowdfunding consultancy services geared toward innovation and validating early-stage propositions. Business owners who want to test, validate and grow their product or service proposition can work with us because we are aware of the opportunities and challenges they face. 

PLYXIO crowdfunding marketing agency understands that you need capital to grow your brand or business. And to raise capital fast, you must build your profile even faster. When you partner with us, you can accomplish both at once!

With our help, you can concentrate on promoting your big idea instead of trying to secure the next round of funding. You can rely on our team of experts to grow your profits and your share of voice simultaneously!

Our Approach

From Idea to Launch to Continued Success

Crowdfunding campaigns benefit a great deal from word-of-mouth advertising. However, to build that base, you need more than just great campaign content. You will also need an outreach strategy that begins before the campaign is launched.

Through our dynamic approach, we pinpoint the compelling narrative early and create a high-performing, content-led crowdfunding campaign across PR, social, direct marketing, and digital media.

We craft crowdfunding campaigns that not only look great but convert as well. In addition to generating momentum for your campaign and gaining press and social media coverage during your campaign, we will build an audience of investors prior to launch. As a result, we always deliver successful campaigns, exceeding expectations 100% of the time.

How We work

We Maximize Every Aspect of the Campaign

The components of a crowdfunding campaign do not operate in a vacuum. They all work together to create a cohesive and effective campaign. At PLYXIO, our strategists develop strategies and messages that work across platforms, mediums, and channels in conjunction with brand representatives, stakeholders, and our internal content creators. 

PLYXIO Crowdfunding Marketing Agency’s PR team develops media campaigns to build credibility, while its content team creates video, design, and written assets that capture attention and hold it. During the campaign, our data team continues monitoring performance, providing real-time expert analysis to optimize the campaign. 

Our Values and Beliefs

We support brands of any size

Through our work with brands of all sizes, we’re experts on crowdfunding, which includes developing, executing, and supporting campaigns and initiatives with data, activation, and great content. 

We are targeted

By putting your case in front of those most likely to invest, our crowdfunding marketing services make your campaign more visible through targeted activations and executions.

We create shareable content

We create videos that engage your viewers and written content that entices supporters to contribute to your crowdfunding campaign.

We build connections 

To meet your fundraising goals ahead of schedule, we can show you how to open channels of communication and maximize reach for the right target audience.

Our Crowdfunding Marketing Capabilities

Crowdfunding Marketing

Crowdfunding Video Production

We have a Crowdfunding Marketing Agency video production team that can create videos that go viral, spreading buzz about your crowdfunding campaign.

Crowdfunding Web Design

We can work with you to build a website that makes your product or solution stand out during your crowdfunding campaign.

Online Advertising

By using targeted ads, we can deliver a Crowdfunding Marketing program to support your campaign.

Why Choose PLYXIO?

By distilling your ideas and products to the essence, we come up with winning concepts to ensure their success on the market. To maximize multi-channel media pickup, at PLYXIO, we create a media contact list targeted specifically for your industry, product, or service. The entire process of Crowdfunding Marketing is designed to help build campaigns, raise audience engagement, and convert consumers into investors while delivering campaign-impacting speed and breaking traditional barriers. The end result is a completely funded campaign that leads to a highly anticipated and well-supported project and a high return on investment.

Crowdfunding marketing is a straightforward technique, but it is one that is misunderstood. Crowdfunding is the process of getting a lot of people to contribute small amounts to your project instead of approaching only a few large investors. And crowdfunding marketing is about getting the attention of those who invest in your business.

Yes, of course. The global growth of crowdfunds over the past five years has been enormous. It has evolved from a niche market of early adopters to a fiercely competitive multi-billion dollar industry.

  • Before launch: Research your target market and its behavior
  • During your crowdfund: Monitoring and reporting progress
  • After the crowdfund: Full campaign delivery overview

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