Which are ‘Online Presence Strategies’ For Real Estate Businesses

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Real estate agents are likely worried about their image and how others view them, their brand, and their real estate business. It is, after all, the way people view you and the impression they have of you that determines whether they reach out to you when they are ready to buy or sell a house.

Previously, managing this was relatively simple, as there weren’t too many moving parts to control. Someone saw your print marketing, or they heard about you, and that’s how it started. However, that has changed drastically.

Nowadays, a person will go to the Internet first to learn more about a real estate agent or to find one in the first place. And being successful as a real estate agent depends on the way you appear online, and it can determine whether you’ll be successful or not!

Basically, online presence refers to the way you appear online.

You won’t be successful in the future if you don’t consider your online presence or don’t care about it at all as an agent. Real estate marketing is going digital. So set yourself up for success now and in the future by building an online presence is a good move. 

Online Presence Strategies For Real Estate Business

Modern online presence strategies for a real estate agent include the following:

Appearance Strategy

An appearance strategy involves being aware that people will research you online. Look at the results from a Google search for yourself or your team to see how your online presence strategy is doing. Does it:

  • Make you look trustworthy?
  • Show expertise?
  • Convey authority?

Would you choose to work with you if you were looking for a real estate agent and you Googled yourself?

In your online presence strategy, your appearance is determined by how you appear to someone who is researching you.

How to Build an Appearance Strategy For Real Estate Business:

When it comes to your appearance strategy, one of the main goals is to build trust with the people researching you, and a lot of that will be based on online reviews of others’ experiences with you.

Online reviews are crucial to your appearance strategy. 

When someone is looking for a real estate agent, your online reviews determine if they will contact you. You are probably losing business right now, without even realizing it, if you do not have plenty of strong, positive online reviews as part of your online presence strategy. Building a strong appearance strategy means working on your online reviews.

Discovery Strategy

If you’d like to get an idea of the status of your discovery strategy, do a Google search for relevant terms related to your business, demographic, or type of transaction, and check out the search engine results. Did you:

  • Show up on the search engines?
  • Implement an active strategy to rank well?
  • Happy with the way you and your business are portrayed if you do show up?

Would you find you if you did a search for real estate agents using these terms? Finding you online when someone searches for an agent or any related real estate term is the component of your discovery strategy.

How to Build a Discovery Strategy For Real Estate Business:

When it comes to your discovery strategy, there are many ways a potential client can discover you online (through social media, online advertising, etc.), but the most powerful is through an organic Google search.

The importance of organic search cannot be underestimated. In today’s world, Google is the first place we turn to find an answer to a question or a solution to a problem.

If you appear in the right search results for the right audience at the right time, helping them answer that question, you have a better chance of building authority, connecting with them, and ultimately having them contact you. So work on your Google organic searches. But if you don’t know how – Get in touch with our team!

Here at PLYXIO, we help real estate businesses to level up their online presence and overall leads!

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