eCommerce Solution: How To Sell More This Ramadan 2022

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We’ve now got less than a month to go until Ramadan. Due to family gatherings and preparations for the holiday, online sales during the holy month of Ramadan are usually high. 

However, the last few year’s events of the global pandemic have dimmed people’s desire to spend. But this year, lockdown restrictions will have a bit of a slowdown, and you’ll have to plan for a six-week period of disruption: Ramadan + Eid. Plan well in advance for Ramadan campaigns.

Want to sell more online this Ramadan in 2022? The following eCommerce solutions can help you maintain your sales during Ramadan.

1. Make your eCommerce store mobile-friendly 

People are typically away from their desktops and laptops during Ramadan, but they are active on their mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets. Make your websites mobile-friendly.

Also, Google data shows that more people are watching YouTube videos and doing internet searches on their mobile devices during this time. So use suitable approaches to target them.

2. Go Beyond Price  

There is no need for flashy advertisements that are mainly focused on deals and discounts during Ramadan. It is a time for family and prayer first and foremost. Ramadan ads should centre on the meaning of the holiday itself. This can be a critical factor in whether shoppers notice the ad or not. When you think about creativity, consider it less in terms of price and more in terms of the meaning of the holiday. 

3. Identify Your Potential Customers

During Ramadan, you should target marketing campaigns at the customers most likely to shop during that time. If you’ve run previous Ramadan campaigns, you should reach out to those shoppers again. You can sync your CRM data, email list, or in-store system and display ads to previous customers who have opted in for further communication after shopping with you. You can also target by region or country.  

4. Understand Customers Needs 

Shoppers likely seek items to help them celebrate Ramadan – and the purchases they make – vary by time period. In the run-up to Ramadan, we may see an increase in groceries, clothing, and home décor. As the Eid holidays approach, travel plans and gift purchases may occur.  

You can create more effective Ramadan campaigns by understanding what your customers need.  

5. Get active on social media!

During Ramadan, businesses of all sizes go “all-out” on social media, posting status updates focusing on reflection, growth, and self-improvement and promoting special deals exclusively for followers. These offers can ramp up your follower count and generate leads.

6. Consider when you post your content

The people observing Ramadan are often up early and awake later to breakfast and will look through their feed at different times. If you’re used to posting content regularly during the day, think about whether it would be a good idea to adjust your timing.

Need to boost your Ramadan sales or help with your Ramadan advertising? Contact us for the right eCommerce Solutions in Pakistan.

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