How to Advertise on Pinterest Using Pinterest Shopping

Pinterest Shopping

Pinterest has over 442 million monthly active users, making it a great place to advertise products. Ads appear on users’ feeds and searches as regular Pins, making them easy for users while displaying your content.

Recently, Pinterest has launched Pinterest Shopping, a tool that allows brands to sell their products through social networks.

Here we will discuss how to advertise on Pinterest and use Pinterest Shopping to boost your ecommerce business.

What Is Pinterest Shopping?

Pinterest Shopping is a place to promote and sell products. Currently, this new feature is only available to consumers and sellers in certain countries.

Pinterest allows users to search for a topic and find products relevant to that topic with the Pinterest Shopping tool. With the Pinterest Shopping tool, the user will also be able to filter products by price and brand, which will help them refine their searches. 

When users click on a pin, the products that appear can now be purchased. The system will display important information to the user as well as price, reviews, and shipping options.

Pinterest Shopping is now a new sales channel. Considering its popularity, you should incorporate it into your content marketing strategy.

How to Use Pinterest Shopping for Your Online Business?

Create a Pinterest profile and upload products

Pins are the most important part, and they should be displayed in an appealing and eye-catching manner. These pins are created from catalogs, which can be uploaded to Pinterest.

A major benefit of using pins in a catalog is that all products can be categorized or grouped, making it easier for users to find what they need. 

The Shopping Ads feature allows product pins to be displayed to a much larger audience for brands that wish to promote product groups.

Shopify stores can also be connected to Pinterest Business accounts. A ‘Shopping’ tab is added to a person’s profile so they can easily purchase items directly from the catalog. 

Establishing Brand Loyalty

In general, people who discover brands on Pinterest tend to become loyal to them. 

Brands can join the verified merchant program to gain visibility and build trust with users. By participating in the program, you can showcase your brand’s values.

Adapting Advertising Campaigns

It is important to design campaigns that appeal to your target audience on Pinterest, as it supports different ads.

Shopping Ads: These ads deliver information about price, availability, and more at the right time to the user.

Collection Ads: Slides are used here to present the products. They let you show several similar items and let the user decide which one to purchase. 

Segmented Ads: Occasionally, people show interest in a product but do not buy it. In this case, you should use targeted advertising to show ads based on searches or items added to a user’s shopping cart. 

Automatic Offers: Based on the user’s interests, Pinterest displays and adjusts offers. It helps convert users most effectively. 

As a final step, you should measure the results and impact of Pinterest Shopping Ads on your users. Analyze how many conversions your ads generate to determine if your online strategy needs to be changed. 

Almost every campaign has the potential to increase brand awareness or inspire purchases. Analyzing your analytics can help you determine if you need to increase your budget, broaden your audience, or try another ad format. 

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