How Taplink Can Help You Win Clients Through Instagram

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Instagram business account owners are often faced with the issue that followers don’t click on the link in their bio to visit the business website. To redirect followers to another website, use Taplink! You can access all social media marketing> statistics from it, including the number of visitors, clicks, and conversions.

The Taplink can help you convert your Instagram followers into leads and drive more traffic to your website. If you are experiencing low traffic, this is the perfect time to try Taplink. This tool allows you to add any number of links to your Instagram profiles.

A major problem for bloggers and marketers on Instagram is the lack of options to include links either within Instagram posts or within a profile. 

Using Taplink, marketers, influencers, and bloggers can market multiple channels, offers, and messages on Instagram with just one external URL.

In Taplink, you can collect links to messengers, social networks, and important pages of your website in one place and build a unique link. Simply add this link to your Instagram account’s description and watch the new clients flow in! 

  • Social media influencers who wish to grow their following and engage more followers on their Instagram pages.
  • Owners of websites want to increase traffic to their sites through their Instagram profiles.
  • Entrepreneurs who want to make it easier for themselves and their clients to communicate and build their networks.

Multiple Links – In Instagram profiles, users are only allowed to place one link per caption, and Taplink makes it possible for you to place as many links as you want on your product pages.

Forms – The feature eliminates the need to take orders and payments manually. Through Taplink, you can receive a notification via messengers and e-mail with the information encoded in the forms.

Micro Landing Page – You can create and customize micro landing pages with Taplink. And you can make these pages more attractive by adding high-converting text, images, and videos.

Messaging – You can connect with your clients in one click with Taplink. It also increases hits and followers.

Analytics – With this feature, you can integrate other analytical tools.

Custom Domain Name – Provides the user with the option of choosing a domain name.

Dynamic Text Replacement – This feature provides personalized text on the landing page that is based on the keywords entered by site visitors.

Smart Phone Friendly – Taplink can be accessed via a smartphone. Using your smartphone, you can create your landing page, monitor traffic, and customize it.

SEO Optimized – Optimizes landing pages to promote more traffic.

Timer – you can add a timer to countdown to an upcoming event.

Pixel Perfect- placing elements exactly where they should be on the landing page.

Taplink mainly comes in three different plans: the free, the pro, and the business. 

Pro and business plans are both really affordable, costing $4.5 a month for the business plan and $2 a month for the pro. You can learn more about the features and rates here.

Taplink is a must-have marketing tool that can combine all your links into one URL. If you’re looking for an affordable Taplink plan, you can save some money by using the PLYXIO Taplink discount code. 

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