How Content Creation Is A Ranking Signal

Content Creation

High-quality content creation plays a crucial role when it comes to search engine optimization (SEO). Google uses various content creation signals to rank your website. Therefore, all you need is to publish high-quality, unique content. Undoubtedly, content creation is a key to success for your online presence. It is a power ranking signal that indicates the success of your overall SEO. Most importantly, content marketing services are integral to achieving your SEO goals.

Content creation is a ranking signal that Google tends to use in order to find out whether or not your website deserves to appeal on top. In this post, we’ll cover five content-related signals you need to know about.


One of Google’s oldest ranking signals is highly linked content. This is where backlinks come in handy. Know that backlinks have always been vital ranking metrics since Google launched. Most importantly, they have remained on the top even Google has added hundreds of other signals.

If you want to boost your SEO, it’s important to focus on your backlinks. Backlinks may be good or bad, natural or unnatural, and high-authority or low-authority. All you need is to ensure creating linkable content. It’s possible that some links may be affecting your website’s ranking negatively, while others may be helping your site to appear on the top. You should go for as many natural and editorial links as possible. As the leading digital marketing agency, PLYXIO can help create linkable content.

Topic Relevancy

As the name suggests, relevancy is all about your content is relevant to the user’s search results. In the beginning, it was enough for Google to determine the relevancy of content depending on whether or not specific keywords are used in an article or on a particular page. Since then, Google is focused on improving the relevancy signals. The introduction of semantic mapping has been a major breakthrough to Google’s relevancy algorithm. Instead of matching the exact keywords, it helps Google determines whether the content is relevant to each query or not.

Content Length

Content length is one of the most important ranking signals when it comes to content creation. You need to have optimized content at the right length. As a result, it can help your website to achieve higher rankings on Google. Most importantly, Google sees such content as an ideal choice to appear on top.

Exact Keywords

As discussed above, Google has already improved its relevancy algorithms. However, an exact keyword match is still imperative to ensure effective SEO. In other words, the target keyword is important for quality content. All you need is to use your target keyword when it comes to title tags or other on-page elements.

Content Engagement

Know that no one knows whether or not Google uses on-page engagement as a ranking signal. It’s simply because Google has never confirmed it. However, there are some user engagement metrics that Google uses to determine the rank of a particular website. But, these metrics or signals are different from SERPs.

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