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According to estimates, 3.29 billion people will be using social media globally in 2022, accounting for 42.3% of the world’s population (eMarketer 2018). It is not astonishing that marketers have adopted social media as a marketing medium given the sizable potential audience available who spend many hours a day using social media across many platforms. Academics have also embraced social media, and there is now a large body of knowledge on social media marketing and related subjects like online word of mouth (WOM) and online networks. 

Despite what scholars and practitioners have researched and discovered over the previous 15 to 20 years on this subject, the future of This is because social media is fast-paced and constantly changing, as well as how consumers use it. So, a key question is: What role will social media play in marketing in the future?

There are countless opportunities to use social media marketing. New marketing trends are being launched all the time to help businesses flourish.

Here are a few trends that we anticipate developing in the future.

Video Content

The key reason why video advertising has a 7.5x greater click-through rate than display ads is that they allow advertisers to engage customers with dynamic material that can stand out above all the conventional static content that people have been exposed to for decades.

The methods for attracting viewers to video material are developing quickly. For instance, TikTok is renowned for its short-form, amateur videos, which are wildly popular with younger users. There are thousands of videos from every type of business imaginable on other platforms, like YouTube and Instagram.

It’s critical for marketers looking to engage prospects to understand how video trends are shifting and how their content may adapt to suit these demands across their various target audiences.

Influencers & Micro-Influencers

On Instagram, there are currently over 500,000 influencers. Influencers are social media users, frequently on Instagram, with sizable followings, and often work in a particular specialty.

 Social media influencers give marketers a way to get their businesses in front of customers through sponsored posts, in which a brand works with or pays an influencer to talk about or promote a product or service.

 On Instagram, “micro-influencers” make up about 81% of the influencers. These influencers have followers ranging from 15,000 to 100,000. Although larger businesses frequently ignore them, they often have incredibly engaged audiences, making them cost-effective.

Artificial Intelligence

Marketers use artificial intelligence (AI) to enable computers to make decisions compared to humans without direct human intervention. This technology makes it feasible to give tailored, personalized information that is not attainable with conventional marketing strategies.

For instance, chatbots let marketers “speak” to customers about their goods or services without hiring a sizable human sales force. Chatbots accept and process orders, offer personalized promotions, and respond to general brand questions.This strategy replicates the experience of a typical in-store salesperson online. When done effectively, customers can contact a company at any hour of the day and feel like they are interacting with a natural person.


Although using AI chatbots to interact with customers has already been addressed, there are still various ways customers might like to communicate directly with brands through direct messaging channels.

 For instance, consumers can contact brands via Instagram’s direct message (DM) feature to get additional information about a good or service. A high-value strategy to attract interested clients is to have someone on hand to answer inquiries and engage with their interests.

 It may seem challenging to manage all these various messaging channels with a tiny sales and support staff. Fortunately, technologies like Zendesk can collect and manage these channels, enabling you to switch between several platforms fast and guaranteeing that clients have a satisfactory experience.

Augmented Reality

Using computers and displays to overlay digital experiences on top of the actual world is known as augmented reality (AR). Although a powerful AR platform has yet to take off significantly, innovations like Oculus demonstrate potential benefits for companies and marketers.

For instance, if a customer wore a headset while strolling down the street, a bar or restaurant nearby could feed them information about deals as they pass the actual structure.

Conclusion About Social Media Marketing

It is evident that social media marketing is your company’s future and is essential if you want to boost sales and grow your company in the modern day. As a result, if your business needs a solid social media presence, you can take advantage of many opportunities. 

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