7 Best CRO Practices to Boost Your Conversion Rate

CRO Practices to Boost Your Conversion Rate

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) increases the probability and percentage of users taking the desired action. Actions can be related to product purchases, downloadable content, service sales, etc. – the list could go on and on. Are there any SEO solutions or ways to increase conversions to get more customers with the traffic we already have?

Here we will discuss the best CRO practices to improve conversion rates!

1. A/B test your headlines

An effective headline can make or break a landing page. If you take the wrong approach, some people won’t read any further. They’ll just hit the “back” button and be gone forever.

Copyblogger estimates that 8 out of 10 people read headlines, but only 2 out of 10 read the rest of your article. Just think about that. Approximately eight out of ten people who land on your landing page will not read past the headline.

A/B test your headline by experimenting with variables such as:

  • Length
  • Tone
  • Using Statistics 
  • The use of numbers

2. Make the initial step easy

When it comes to offering your services, the first step should be extremely simple. 

Instead of requiring the completion of a full form, start by requesting an email address. From there, you can fill out the rest of the form to request additional information. Regardless, you still have the person’s email. 

The simpler the initial step, the more likely your visitors are to take action and follow through to the end. 

3. Strengthen your CTA copy

CTAs like “Start trial” or “Sign up” won’t produce the best conversion rates. You can easily improve your conversion rate by spending a few minutes on the copy.

Use a CTA that starts with the word “Yes.” It’s highly effective psychologically because it portrays the offer positively. For example:

Copy like this is much more effective than generic CTAs.

4. Remove distractions

There is nothing more frustrating than visiting a website that pulls you in many directions at once. Make your landing page easy to navigate, clear, and concise. Don’t include anything that isn’t essential. Only include what your visitors need to know.

5. Add testimonials, reviews, and logos

Using a product or service for the first time can be intimidating. By providing testimonials and/or reviews from past customers, you can put new visitors’ minds at ease. 

Add a series of logos to homepages to instantly build trust with new visitors. Consumers feel more comfortable when they see social proof, including testimonials.

6. Add a third-party signup service

It has become quite common to use alternative login methods in which users log in with their Google, Facebook, or other accounts instead of creating an entirely new profile.

In this way, the need to fill entire signup form is eliminated, resulting in an immediate increase in conversion.

7. Offer a money-back guarantee

Consumers avoid risk. If they’re not reasonably sure they will get what they pay for, consumers won’t put their money at risk.

By offering a money-back guarantee, you can ease fears and move past objections also, and this will increase the conversion rate.

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