6 Tips to Optimise Your Website for Featured Snippets

Featured Snippets optimization

Content with featured snippets is extremely powerful. As part of the search results page (SERP), these expanded, descriptive search results display prominently as a special box and attract the attention of web users. In addition, since they openly reveal the content they contain, they are much more likely to entice clicks.

It helps Google better understand why YOUR web page is the best answer to a particular query when you optimize your web pages for featured snippets. What are the best ways to optimize for Google featured snippets? Let’s have a look!

  1. Be clear on search intent.

A featured snippet displays little information. Therefore, it’s crucial that you maintain the user’s interest and entice them to click your website. Also, that means you must keep the section short to be able to be included and allow Google to recognize it. Put all of the essential information in one paragraph, make it less than 50 words, and prepare it for Google to snip it.

  1. Produce content that beats your competitors’

Thoroughly research your competitors and make sure you deliver the best information as compared to them. Also, add value by including rich features such as graphics, statistics, examples, and interactive features.

When writing your content, use shorter, easy-to-read sentences and structure your headings with H-tags to improve your reading ease score.

Remember to stick to content that is research-based rather than opinion-based. Citations will help Google better understand your content and will increase its trustworthiness.

  1. Include question keywords in heading tags

This is an especially important strategy since not only does it increase your chances of getting a featured snippet, but it also improves your SEO! Any business that would like to generate an audience through advertisements needs to employ focus keywords. To achieve featured snippets, you must include question keywords in your heading tags. Make sure you research question keywords with high search volume and use them.

  1. Add images to your content.

Including images can help you achieve featured snippets, especially if you’re targeting paragraph or listicle types. Try to avoid using generic stock images and instead use your own custom photography and graphics to avoid appearing generic.

  1. Use on-page SEO

You can optimize your web pages for featured snippets using on-page SEO tactics. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Make your URLs as short and as optimized as possible – no more than four words.
  • The use of meta tags – including titles and descriptions – to help Google understand your site’s information. 
  • The use of alt image tags to help Google understand what your images are about. 
  • The use of internal links to let Google know where your site’s best content is.
  • The use of Schema Markup to help Google recognize elements such as tables
  1. Keep optimizing

It’s rare to get a featured snippet without putting in time and effort. So, once you’ve followed each of the above steps, take a look at your progress. If you’re not quite there where you want to, keep optimizing!

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