6 Effective Tips To Create Clickable Banner Ads!

clickable banner ads

Banner ads are one of the most popular forms of marketing used online today. These are advertisements that appear on web pages and link to the advertiser’s website. Many companies use banner ads because they are an affordable and measurable way to promote their brands. However, people do not often click on banner ads. 

You need to make your banner ads irresistible to customers who see them. That can seem difficult in a more cynical digital age, but you will create more effective and clickable banner ads for your business with these tips.

 1. Keep it simple!

If your web banner ad is only going to be seen for a second, don’t waste your audience’s time with long passages of text and complex messaging. 

Display ads are only viewed for a little more than a second and just 4% for over two seconds. Also, it’s not engaging if the banner is confusing and there is too much text squeezed into the space. Display ads are only viewed for a little more than a second and just 4% for over two seconds. Also, it’s not engaging if the banner is confusing and there is too much text squeezed into the space. Therefore, ensure that your ads are clear and understandable immediately. 

2. Get the layout right!

Banner ads are designed to drive traffic to your website and increase brand awareness. They should include these three key elements:

  • Company Logo: Your company’s logo must be included in the campaign to build brand awareness. You should make sure your logo is the most prominent image in the campaign. It is the best way to ensure your business will be remembered after the campaign ends. 
  • Value Proposition: Your value proposition should address what you’re offering and how it will benefit your audience. When you’re marketing a cleaning product, explain how it will clean your house “2x faster than standard household cleaners”.
  • Call to action: An effective CTA prompts your audience to take action, e.g., “Learn More” or “Contact us.” The logo of your company is to increase brand recognition, but your call-to-action targets generating sales. By giving your audience a clear directive, whether it’s directing them to your website, a contact form, or a phone number, you’re keeping them engaged.

3. Pick images and colors carefully

An average person sees over 1,700 banner ads per month, so you must use eye-catching visuals to ensure that your ad stands out. A successful campaign requires a well-suited image. 

Hence choose graphics and photos that enhance your message and are directly related to your product. Regardless of the colors you choose for your campaigns, ensure they reflect who you are and your overall brand identity. 

4. Select the right environment

It is essential to have the right copy, imagery, and colors in your ads. However, if you place them in the wrong place, you may risk having too few people see them. 

Advertizing in a premium environment will not only protect your brand reputation and boost engagement by 50%, but it will also safeguard your brand and reputation.

5.  Determine the purpose

What do you want to accomplish with your ad? Are you trying to promote a new store opening or a season’s end sale? Are you advertising a product or service you’ve just launched? 

Knowing the purpose of your ad is essential but often overlooked. Make sure that you and your team understand what you want your ads to achieve, and make sure that your design conveys this precise purpose. 

6. Maintain your brand’s consistency

Your banner ad must be consistent with your business, no matter how bright the colors or innovative the copy is. To ensure potential customers don’t become confused and disengaged, make sure your ad matches the landing page’s branding colors and tone.

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