6 Best Strategies for Summer Marketing Campaigns

summer marketing campaign

Summer is almost here, and many businesses will need to adjust their strategies to adapt to the new season. For many enterprises, summer signals a need to change their approach, especially those that provide social media marketing, SEO, email marketing, and other digital services.

The tactics that worked during the year’s cooler months may not work as well in the summer months. Thus, it is crucial to grasp how to maximize one’s marketing efforts this summer. 

Take a look at some simple and strategic summer marketing campaign ideas that you can use without effort.

1. Freshen up your social media presence

Social media platforms offer countless ways to engage with your followers during the summer. Hence, monitoring and improving your social media presence should always be a priority for your business. 

Ensure your messaging is cheerful, positive, and pleasant. As the weather warms, more people are going outdoors, so use a bright color scheme to match. Be consistent and post consistently.

2. Reach Out to Customers 

Take advantage of summer time by reaching out to those who do business with you. Summer is synonymous with positive energy, and there is no better way to harness this energy than by contacting your customers. 

Messages can be as simple as thanking regular customers or reminding them about rewards programs if subscriptions are coming to an end or if they haven’t utilized the rewards program yet.

3. Sponsor Local Teams

Whether it’s cricket leagues or baseball leagues, summer is a time for outdoor sports. Make the most of this season to catch new eyes with your summer marketing ideas. Reach new customers by sponsoring local sports teams. Also, you can place an advertisement for a program that lasts all season. 

4. Promote a variety of holidays

Many people are likely unaware of plenty of holidays and recognition weeks during summer time. Take advantage of this to structure your marketing and social media posts around these specific holidays. 

Engage your social media following with eye-catching content that identifies these holidays. 

In addition to promotional ideas, you can also use offers to attract more traffic. For instance, if you’re selling gifts for Mother’s Day, you can have a 50% off offer for the bouquet with the purchase of a dress.

5. Cross-collaborating with other local businesses

Creating a cross-collaboration with another company in your local area can be beneficial for both parties. 

Make use of social media to run a giveaway that includes items and promotions from both of your businesses, plan a local business fair or event that you can all attend, design advertising that provides information and potential discounts.

Putting together a guide outlining the specials offered by nearby small businesses is another great way to network and connect with the community. The possibilities are endless!

6. Refine Your Website

A website’s user experience should be seamless if an increase in traffic is expected during the summer. Keep the user’s attention with quick navigation between internal pages. 

Additionally, graphics on the website should be as up-to-date as possible, with proper branding being applied throughout. The last tip is to build a mobile-friendly website that can be accessed easily on all devices. 

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