4 Risky Google SEO Cheats Techniques That Could Damage Your Rankings

Google SEO Cheats

SEO cheats have been around since Google launched in the 1990s. When it comes to SEO, you have to follow certain rules. Every once in a while, Google releases a new algorithm to improve user experience. If a site does not comply, it could lose its position in search engine results. And, if a site blatantly cheats Google, it could even be black-listed until the offending strategy is corrected. You should always hire SEO experts for professional SEO services instead of implementing SEO cheats.

Let’s have a look at 4 top SEO cheats that can get you in trouble with Google.

1. SEO Cheat: Keyword stuffing

In SEO, keyword stuffing refers to the intentional overuse of specific keywords or phrases. If a keyword is excessively used, it will negatively affect the readability of the content.

Google doesn’t like copy that doesn’t sound natural. Optimize your content for your primary keyword, but don’t overdo it, overuse key phrases is easily detected by Google, and pretty much everyone who uses this tactic will be hit with significant ranking penalties.

2. SEO Cheat: Copy cloaking

Copy cloaking refers to hiding keywords within the background of a website. In most cases, this is achieved through CSS or HMTL, which blends the keyword’s color into the page’s background. Therefore, users won’t see the keywords, although they might notice random blank spaces on pages where the keywords are hidden.

Although they cannot be seen, the keywords are very much present and will be picked up by website crawlers.

Because users are shown a different version of what search engines are shown, this tactic is blatantly cheating Google SEO. Any SEO strategy that uses copy cloaking will usually result in a major drop in rankings quickly.

3. SEO Cheat: Fake reviews

Google My Business is a crucial part of any local SEO strategy. And positive reviews are one of the most important ranking factors to help you achieve a top spot in the Map Pack when optimizing Google My Business. 

Some people consider it easier to buy a fake Google account than asking a genuine customer for a review. If you use this tactic, you should beware because Google can detect the IP addresses of reviewers, and if a lot of your reviews come from the same address, they will be removed. Google will punish your Google My Business listing if they discover that you’re trying to gain an advantage through fake reviews.

The number of links coming into a website helps Google determine what content is relevant to searchers. Websites that acquire links in violation of Google’s best practice guidelines will likely lose ranking points.

Links are often built illegally using link farms. Link farms are groups of websites or networks of sites that, in exchange for payment, create hundreds or even thousands of links into a website to trick Google into thinking that it is popular. However, these sites often link to irrelevant sites, and some of them include risky sites within their networks, which can ruin your Google ranking.

You should avoid all these risky techniques to rank high in Google and hire an SEO agency that provides white hat SEO services. Here at PLYXIO, we have been optimizing websites according to Google best practices for many years and with excellent results. If you’d like to learn how PLYXIO can help you increase your online visibility through the best SEO solutions, you’re welcome to contact us today!

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