4 Email Marketing Mistakes to Avoid!

Email Marketing Mistakes

Here we will discuss which 4 email marketing mistakes need to avoid while running a campaign.

Modern marketing tactics like social media are great for reaching and influencing a broad audience, but good old-fashioned email marketing still reigns supreme.

In B2B and B2C marketing, email is serving as a leading channel for sharing content, nurturing leads, and converting leads into sales. In the last 12 months, 87% of B2B marketers and 79% of B2C marketers have turned leads into customers.

The email has also emerged as a multi-generational channel. Millennials spend 6.4 hours a day checking email, and promotional email is 63% more effective.  

However, open rates are declining as email volume increases. In recent years, the average open rate has declined to 21%. This means that standing out from the crowd is more challenging than ever before.

If you’re struggling to turn your prospects into email subscribers or you’re not getting as many responses as you’d like, keep reading to discover four common email marketing mistakes you should avoid.

1. You Don’t Have a Welcome Email

A staggering 50% of companies don’t automatically send welcome emails to new customers or prospects after signing up to receive email updates or a newsletter. It is a big mistake to do this because subscribers are most engaged with brands in the first 48 hours after signing up. 

As your subscriber’s first interaction with your company, the welcome email is an opportunity to establish a relationship. It also sets the tone for future communications. You can also use this as an opportunity to close the deal.

2. Your Emails Aren’t Personalized

Humans crave personalized experiences. They help us distinguish one brand experience from another and drive a deeper connection. 

Your email marketing personalization should extend beyond merely mentioning your customer’s first name in the messages you send them. To truly personalize an email, you must get to know your customer’s likes, needs, and wants and add that personal touch to every message. 

You can personalize your emails in many ways. You can include demographic details like birth dates, location, interests, and gender in subject lines, body copy, or offers. By building a relationship with the customer, you can further personalize content based on their browsing and purchase history. 

3. You Aren’t Testing What Content Performs Best

Without testing which emails perform the best, you can’t be sure which of your email campaigns are the most successful and why. It would be best if you tracked clicks, open rates, and conversions, but you also need to determine what your audience likes and responds to before you launch a full-blown campaign. 

The best way to determine whether your email is performing better than multiple versions of the same email is through A/B testing. With A/B tests, you can examine any number of variables. 

  • Do offers or calls to action perform better at the top of an email versus at the bottom of an email?
  • When is the best time to send the email? 

The majority of email providers have integrated testing capabilities. During a test, you create several variations of the same email–A, B, C–then the system sends them to random, small subsets of your list. After testing the various content/formats/timings, or whatever, you can run with that version of your email once you’ve determined the best-performing one.

4. The Email Campaigns You Send Are Not Automated

Automation-of-emails has advanced immensely since its early days when people used it for personalizing emails and planning drip email campaigns. 

Modern email marketing platforms make it easy to create highly automated email sequences, which can be used to initiate a conversation, nurture customers, or even win them back. A review tool automatically sends a customer a questionnaire when they sign up for the company’s email list. So it is always recommended to automate your emails to get desired results.

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