10 Quick Tips to Speed up your Website in 2022

speed up your website

With 1.8 billion websites available on the internet today, speed up your website is essential to stay competitive.

If your website takes a long time to load, you will not only lose the attention of your visitors, but you will also lose the potential reach of new audiences. 

So never compromise on the speed of your website no matter what because a slow website can hurt your business.

The following 10 tips will help you make your website load faster in 2022!

1. Don’t Overcomplicate Things.

Keep your website simple so that it loads quickly.

Adding too many effects and features to a website can bog it down dramatically. Several fancy animations on images or video sliders on the home page – can make your website slow. 

Remove unnecessary elements and features to improve speed and usability.

2. Implement Lazy Loading for Ads

By implementing the Lazy Load Ads technique, you can optimize your page’s speed and improve the user experience (UX). This technique helps your viewers to be likely to see your ad at the right time.

3. Upgrade your Web Hosting Package

Web hosting packages can significantly impact your website’s page load speed, whether for the better or for the worse. Choosing a fast hosting provider can save you a lot of time and trouble.

4. Optimize Images

The use of high-resolution images can have an impact on your load time. 

Images take up the most website resources, which results in a long loading time for your website. Compress images enough to keep quality and reduce the file size. 

5. Use a Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Content distribution networks, also known as CDNs, are geographically distributed servers that offer content and allow users to access web content no matter where they are. 

The location of the user directly affects the loading speed of a website. Physically distant users will experience longer loading times. 

By using CDNs, traffic is distributed to multiple servers, which helps users get information as fast as possible. Using CDNs is especially beneficial to publishers with geographically diverse traffic. 

6. Fix 404 Errors 

“Page Not Found” error, also known as 404 error, is used by search engines to indicate that a website is no longer available.

The presence of 404 errors irritates users and adversely affects website performance. 

Set a 301 redirect for the 404 error web page with many external links. 

7. Reduce the Redirects

Changing the URL of a webpage directs visitors to a different one than what they requested. It requires additional HTTP requests, which increases processing time. 

Most website owners cannot eliminate all redirects. However, consider keeping only the most essential ones to maintain your website’s speed. 

8. Strip Out Unnecessary Plugins

Running a bunch of plugins all the time slows down a website. 

Where possible, eliminate plugin redundancies. Get rid of plugins that aren’t updated regularly and don’t work with the current version of your website.

9. Implement Browser Caching

Before using a webpage for the first time, a user has to download much information (HTML document, CSS stylesheet, JS files, images, etc.).  

These elements are cached on the visitor’s side to make fewer requests the next time a user visits your site. Caching can reduce server load time by as much as 80%!  

The W3 Total Cache plugin can be of assistance if you use WordPress. With this plugin, your website will load faster as it records elements of your website for future visits.

10. Hire Plyxio – Pro Tip!

A website isn’t a one-and-done project. Even if your website is well developed or looks extremely modern and ok, it still needs to be managed and maintained after it is launched. Perform a site audit to determine which pages are slowing down your site.

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Contact us today to know how our Website Design Experts can help you to speed up your Website!

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